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9 Universal Truths About Men

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9 Universal Truths About Men.

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ffs principle

Ultimate guide to understanding men

The FFS principle is your source of unfiltered truth. It is based on psychology, real-life stories and instantly applicable advice. After reading this book, you will know:
The 9 universal truths about men (including what men are attracted to and turned off by)How to eliminate trivial arguments from your relationshipExactly what triggers a man to (not) behave a certain wayWhich areas of your relationship to improve, in order to get on the same pageAnd so much more
If you are tired of "not speaking the same language" with your man and want to finally solve the mystery of what’s going on inside his head, the FFS Principle is for you.

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ABout the book

The ideas, lessons and concepts in this book are layered and go far beyond what meets the eye. However, this book is not for the faint of heart.

The FFS Principle is:
Based on a perfect marriage between psychology theories and personal storiesRaw, honest, uncensored and to-the-pointA collection of thought-provoking stories and multiple, international examplesRelatable, empowering and entertaining
The FFS Principle is NOT:
Shallow and/or chauvinisticA book that objectifies womenA formula to “get any man to fall in love with you"
This book is not for everyone. Not everyone is ready for the truth.

If you are open to expanding your views and believe you are ready, the FFS Principle will work great for you.

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about the author

Ivan Devedzic is a Project Manager, Composer & Digital Nomad.

He has lived in 4 countries (on 3 continents) and has traveled to almost 50. The majority of it took place while working for a Silicon Valley startup, for almost 3 years.

Ivan got his Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees at the University of Belgrade, where he recently taught as a guest lecturer.

On top of that, he graduated from 4 music schools (piano, guitar, solo/opera singing & music production).

A former co-founder of 2 Europe-based startups, Ivan is obsessed with growth and is passionate about mentoring, traveling and fitness.

Ivan is a diver, speaker and experienced storyteller, whose articles have been published in industry magazines. Born from a place of gratitude, love and personal challenges with dating across borders, the FFS Principle is his first book.

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I only provide real reviews from real people, who have agreed to share their name and contact publicly. Feel free to get in touch with them, if you have any doubts about FFS.

ALEJANDRA (@alemarie923)
" Thank you for writing something that makes us understand you guys better, but at the same time empowers us in various aspects of our lives. We rarely find someone who speaks to us directly, so this is actually refreshing. The book is well balanced, empowering, but also humbling. Instead of feeling vulnerable and a bit defensive about the things I’ve done wrong (and that you gracefully pointed out), I rather had the impression: “hey, he’s actually right about this… interesting...”. Instead of thinking of you as a random guy who's trying to tell me what to do, you became something like a big brother, passing knowledge to a younger sister because you want to see her thrive in ALL aspects of her life. "

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I'm incredibly humbled and grateful for the opportunity to help you learn something new. Thank you again and I hope you enjoy it!

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